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Celestial Seas Deep Ocean Artwork by Sammy Ann

Celestial Seas

Midnight Zone 

The midnight zone is a vastly unexplored place stretching from depths of 1,000 to 4,000 meters. As we dive deeper, the temperature drops and the pressure increases at an astounding rate. In painting this zone, I have used rich blues and greens with pops of fluoro and white throughout. I can't help but think of space when I picture the Midnight Zone. We are surrounded by unexplored, undiscovered spaces, both above and below. I wanted to capture that feeling, with this piece. Like floating through space, with no up or down, and swirling creatures all around. 


Celestial Seas

Acrylic on canvas framed in light timber

100 x 120cm

103 x 123 framed


  • Exhibition Artworks

     As this is an exhibition artwork it is required to hang until the end of October.


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