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Electric Periwinkle Depths Deep Ocean Artwork by Sammy Ann

Electric Periwinkle Depths

The twilight zone is a layer of water that lies about 200 to 1,000 metres below the ocean surface, just beyond the reach of sunlight. It's a cold, dim place with flashes of bioluminescence—light produced by many living organisms. In painting this zone, I was inspired by the play on the colours typically seen in the twilight sky. I wanted to use these colous to draw connections between the two areas. This piece is inspired by the twilight zone, glass squid. These transparent squids inspired the shapes and colours see throughout this piece. The bright pigment sacs that cover the squids skin can flash on and off drawing connections to electricity in my mind. 


Electric Periwinkle Depths 

Acrylic on canvas framed in light timber

60 x 70cm

63 x 63 framed


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