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Grape Sea Paddle Artwork

Grape Sea Paddle

Grape Sea Paddle is an original artwork by Sammy Ann. You are invited to glide over the tranquil waters, where two paddleboarders gracefully navigate the swirling, colourful waters. Throughout the composition, intricate white marks dance across the canvas, reminiscent of wisps of clouds or gentle ripples on the water's surface. These marks not only enhance the sense of movement and fluidity but also evoke a sense of wonder and flow. This piece combines the boundaries between sea and sky, reality and dreams and blurs them into one harmonious whole.


Grape Sea Paddle

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas framed in natural timber

70 x 90 cm

This artwork can be hung in portrait or landscape - please let Sammy know which way on the order notes.

  • Shipping

    Please note that shipping for this artwork is FREE Australia-wide. Alternatively, you can also choose studio pick-up at Roberna Street, Moorabbin, VIC.

    International customers: shipping artworks internationally is definitely possible! If you purchase now, I will automatically email you a separate shipping invoice. However, if time permits, it is always best to contact Sammy ahead of time to get a shipping estimate.