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Reef of Rays Original Stingray Artwork by Sammy Ann

Reef of Rays

Reef of Rays is an original artwork by Sammy Ann. It is inspired by the Great Barrier Reef and the stingrays that glide along the shallow ocean floors. This large artwork captures the essence of the reef with its soft, dreamy palette and swirling accents of colours. The prefect way to add a touch of oceanic elegance to your space.


Reef of Rays

Acrylic on canvas framed in light timber

180 x 95cm

183 x 98 framed


  • Shipping

    Please note that shipping for this artwork is Australia-wide. Alternatively, you can also choose studio pick-up at Roberna Street, Moorabbin, VIC.

    International customers: shipping artworks internationally is definitely possible! If you purchase now, I will automatically email you a separate shipping invoice. However, if time permits, it is always best to contact Sammy ahead of time to get a shipping estimate.