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Wild Solitude Original Artwork by Sammy Ann full image

Wild Solitude

Wild Solitude is an original artwork by Sammy Ann. This unique, abstract seascape, transports you to a realm where the sea and sunset sky seamlessly merge into a symphony of lush pink hues. At first glance, the soft, feminine tones captivate the eye, inviting you into a dreamlike world where reality blends with imagination.

The painting exudes beauty, with its gentle, flowing brushstrokes that evoke the tranquil movement of water. The delicate shades of soft pink and sage green will bring a serene atmosphere into your home.


Wild Solitude

Acrylic on canvas framed in light timber

120 x 120cm

123 x 123 framed


  • Shipping

    Please note that shipping for this artwork is Australia-wide. Alternatively, you can also choose studio pick-up at Roberna Street, Moorabbin, VIC.

    International customers: shipping artworks internationally is definitely possible! If you purchase now, I will automatically email you a separate shipping invoice. However, if time permits, it is always best to contact Sammy ahead of time to get a shipping estimate.